Geburt im Bethesda Spital - information event in english

We require a valid Covid certificate for guests of the information session. 

We thank you for your understanding.

(Open)(Close)Information session for english speaking parents

English information sessions 2021

Wednesday January 27 I Cancelled
Wednesday February 24 I Cancelled
Wednesday March 31 I Cancelled
Wednesday April 28 I Cancelled
Wednesday May 26 I Fully booked
Wednesday June 30 I Fully booked
Wednesday July 28 I Fully booked
Wednesday August 25 I Fully booked
Wednesday September 29 I Registration here
Wednesday October 27 I Registration here
Wednesday November 24 I Registration here
Wednesday December 29 I Registration here

Meeting point

  • reception/main entrance of Bethesda Spital, at 7 pm
  • Phone +41 61 315 22 22
  • Please come without children

Online information session in english

(Open)(Close)Birth preparation courses

During 4 evenings we peacefully dive into the journey of pregnancy, labour and postpartum. You will be guided mentally and physically to be well prepared for this period of life.
Learn about pain relief methods, breathing techniques and breastfeeding. Take your time to overcome fears and get yourself into a state of equanimity to calmly step on to the journey of parenthood.
Take the chance to ask all your questions to a midwife.

  • Group or private Course

For any further information and registration, please write me an Email, call me or text me.

Stefanie Germann
Tel. +41 79 515 62 91
Mail: stefanie.germann@bethesda-spital.ch
Website: https://www.stefaniegermann.ch/

FAQ for for pregnant women

Do you have a question for us? 
Please contact us by E-Mail: marketing@bethesda-spital.ch

Thank you for your interest.


(Open)(Close)What documents do I need to bring to register my newborn?

Please contact the Zivilstandsamt directly:

Kanton Basel-Stadt
Rittergasse 11
Postfach 1416
4001 Basel

Telefon: +41 61 267 95 90
E-Mail: geburten@jsd.bs.ch

(Open)(Close)Does my insurance cover my stay in Bethesda Spital?

The insurance cover for an in-patient stay can be found in your insurance policy. Alternatively, you can ask the health insurer directly. If there are still any uncertainties, we would be happy to help.

Patient admission: 

Tel. +41 61 315 22 40

Email: pat_admin@bethesda-spital.ch

(Open)(Close)I chose the standard family room/large family room/upgrade on the personal details form. Am I guaranteed this on admission?

Availability is only known upon time of admission. If you have several requests, please prioritise these.

Equipment and prices can be found here.

(Open)(Close)Is an accompanying person permitted at pregnancy check-ups?

An accompanying person is actually permitted at pregnancy check-ups. 
Accompanying persons are also permitted for prenatal diagnostics, birth planning and pre-approved exceptional circumstances.

(Open)(Close)Is an accompanying person permitted for the birth?

Yes, an accompanying person is permitted for the birth – as long as they don’t have any COVID-19 symptoms.

(Open)(Close)Who is allowed to visit during a postnatal hospital stay?

Partners and the newborn’s siblings are currently allowed to visit, as long as they show no symptoms of a cold and/or fever.

(Open)(Close)Can siblings also stay overnight in the family room?

The family room is only available to the new mother, the newborn and the father. There is no childcare available for siblings.

(Open)(Close)Do I need to fill out the anaesthesia form even though I’m planning to have a natural birth?

Yes. Our anaesthesia team can manage your pain more quickly and effectively, if you request this.

(Open)(Close)Are newborn photoshoots still taking place despite coronavirus?

Yes, the photoshoots are taking place in compliance with the protective measures.
You can find more information here.